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Seeing major traffic / revenue / lead or ranking drops?  Let us put on the rescue cape and help you out.

What the heck is wrong with my website???

The panic, it’s very real.

Are you seeing ranking drops, traffic drops, revenue drops, lead drops or anything else? It can be a horribly stressful when your business has seemingly gone down the pan and you don’t know why and nobody can seem to give you a straight answer as to what the heck is up with it.

So the good news is, we LOVE fixing these types of problems.  We’ve got a good track record of rescuing some household brands from disaster. It can happen for a million different reasons but 99% of the time we can put our finger straight on the problem.  Once we’ve sussed it, we will talk you through the rescue plan, how long it will take and what to expect.

Some Classic Culprits Causing An SEO Crisis

Bad Website Migration (Or Even Lack Of One)

Shifting to a new website with a bad migration or even worse, no SEO migration strategy at all, is going to get you into some hot water.  We can help to reverse engineer the damage of no migration, semi messed up migrations and even if you think you’ve done a full migration, we can shred it to see what was missed.

Google Algorithm Updates

The algorithim is continually being updated, but normally two core updates land clasically in the Spring and late in the year.  These can rock the ground that your website is sat on and cause huge ranking shifts.  Whilst Google doesn’t give full details of what the changes were, we normally have a good idea of what it was about.  We can take a look through your data, shred your website and give our recommendations on what needs to happen next….and help you out with it if needs be.

Our Values & Our Ground Rules For An SEO Rescue

We only work with focused, nice people. Good work culture always creates better results EVERY time

If you are in one hell of a panic about your business we get it, but we can’t be pressure cooked whilst we fix it

We care as much about what you do, as much as you do (it helps us get out of bed in the morning)

You will need to dig deep to trust in the process of the fix and we will be reporting every step of the way

What others say about us in google reviews

From day one of having Emma on board we started to see results immediately. I honestly couldn't imagine not having her look after our site now - she has literally transformed our online business. Not only are we getting constant new business from our website, but she has improved the usability of our site and also the look of it.

After having worked with 2 companies in the past who really let me down it has been an absolute breeze working with Emma. She responds to any of my queries instantly and is always there to return my call should I need anything.

Thank you Emma for everything you have done for my business so far - you have a customer for life!

Anna Watson


We've been working with Enduro since September 2016 and they have actually achieved what all the digital marketing companies claim to be able to do which is to get us on first page of Google. Our rankings for the most important keywords have gone from around 36th to anywhere from 1st to 4th depending on the specific keywords. Now they pushing us to get number 1 spot for the keywords with the largest number of searches per month. It has required a lot of effort for both Enduro and ourselves to put in place some long term strategies as well as quick wins but is definitely paying off.

Ian Sutherland


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