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I Spend Your Money Wisely For Maximum Gain

Switch on PPC ads today and improve your bottom line. Use me, a PPC consultant based in Bury, Lancashire.

Pay per click, or commonly known as PPC shows your business ads in the search engines. In a nutshell this is how I work:


  • I do keyword research to find out what internet users are typing in to find a company like yours
  • I write ads which are optimised – these must be relevant and appealing
  • I give your website the best possible chance to convert the traffic
  • I setup tracking so I can see which keywords are working to drive sales or leads
  • I analyse the data coming back to further optimise your campaign

Fancy giving PPC a go? Then this is why you should choose me:

Good Things Come To Those Who Tell The Truth

I tell you exactly what is happening with your ads, good bad or brilliant.

I Have Done This A Long While

Experience goes a long way to make you good at your job.

I Was Built From Success

My business came to be from making others successful.  It’s a nice way to start.

In A Hurry?!  No Problem!

We can start building your campaign as soon as possible.

I Don’t Do A Disappearing Act

Work isn’t so bad, I am here 9-5 Mon to Fri.

High Quality Of Work From Me

I’ve been doing this for a long time!


The PPC is carried out in Bury, Lancashire but it doesn’t matter where you are.

I am a lover of the hills and where better to do my PPC than in Bury, Lancashire.  PPC can be done from any location so I can work for you no matter where you are based.  I have plenty of clients who are doing the same!

I won’t get technical on you unless you are comfortable with that, when I talk ‘PPC’ to you I will speak to you in plain English if that is what you want.  I do like to educate a little along the way so that you can start to understand it more as time goes on.

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Let’s Talk PPC, Why It Works & Why You Should Try It, Or Try It Again

Why PPC works
There are many companies that use PPC ads all day every day because it helps their business.

Pay per click accounts must be setup up correctly and the ads must be targeted correctly in order to show for the right keywords at the right time and in the right place.

Website pages must be correctly setup to help encourage sales or leads.




Why tracking is important
It is possible to track sales and leads so that we can see what is working effectively for the business.

I will also discuss with you how much a lead is worth to your business, or how much your average order value is to discover what an acceptable cost per lead or sale is.  For example, if you know that a customer pays £20 a month for your subscription service and on average they stay with you for 3 years then the total you will make from them is £720. If you paid £20 per lead each month on your pay per click campaign that it may be deemed acceptable by your business.  This is a very broad example but should help you understand how I decide what ‘good’ looks like in a PPC campaign.


What you need to understand about pay per click before you start
The account will be built correctly however once it is live I need to see what your market place is doing.  This means that in the early stages of a pay per click campaign I have to do testing to see what data I get back and then make decisions from this.  This helps me to optimise your campaign – I don’t simply turn it on and go for a snooze.

During this time I will also get a feel for what your competitors are doing.



The cost
Some market places can be a little expensive however this doesn’t mean that a market which is competitive will completely lock you out of being able to use pay per click.

I can identify keywords which are ‘lower hanging fruit’ which may not be the golden runners however may be more financial viable.