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Do you want a digital marketing consultant that adds value to your business?  Well you’ve come to the right place. I provide SEO & PPC marketing services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Improve visibility in the search engines for your business.

Pay Per Click (Known As PPC)

Pay for ads to be shown in the search engines.

What I Offer & What Makes Me Different

  • SEO skills that have delivered results which has kept my clients loyal to me.
  • My email marketing design and execution is based on research and performance, not just what looks nice.
  • My pay per click is purely data driven – I drive what works, not what doesn’t
  • I understand ROI is the main concern for my clients.
  • I get involved in your entire marketing strategy – I want what I do to compliment your other marketing work.

I’m A Digital Marketing Consultant Based in Bury, Lancashire

Hiding out in Bury, Lancashire,  I graft hard on websites across the UK to help them achieve their goals.  Some clients come to me with websites that are already quite well established, and some come to me with a site they are just starting out with.  Whatever your goal, I get great satisfaction out of getting results and I hope you do too.

Why You Should Trust Me With Your Business

I Am Honest

I don’t hide behind techno speak, I tell you how it is good or bad.

I Have A Proven Track Record

I’ve been doing this for a long time.

My Business Began From Success

This company began naturally by doing some successful work for the right
people at the right time


I See The Long & Short Term Goals

I can provide a mix of services to help you achieve your goals

I Am Always Here

I don’t disappear, I am always here day in day out to help you

I Never Stop Learning

Google is always changing, so I am always learning
to keep on top of the latest changes


Emma provides a very professional and personalised service. She shows how much she cares about my Website and has a great knowledge in how to promote my business on the internet. I am utterly delighted with her work. Thank you Emma.
Salu Fellows

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Some More Info About Choosing A Digital Marketing Consultant

What To Consider When Choosing A Digital Marketing Consultant
As a business looking for a digital marketing consultant it can be really tricky to know what is classed as a ‘good’ digital marketing consultant and what is a ‘bad’ digital marketing consultant.  Below is a list of things I would recommend thinking about when choosing one:


  • Have they earned their stripes? Have they had decent digital marketing jobs for decent companies previously?
  • Do they have stats to back up what they tell you? You can promise the world but hard evidence is pretty good to go by
  • Do they have existing clients who will testify that they are decent?
  • Does the amount they charge sound like a decent amount for good quality work?
  • Are they happy to give your websites a technical audit for free?  Some good feedback which explains the issue and gives some hints on how to rectify it will usually give you a good feeling (or bad!).
  • Are they entrepreneurial in spirit?  You need someone who can see the goals – what to target first to make your more profit as soon as possible
How Much Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Cost?
The billion dollar question!  Well it depends on a lot of things but here are some of the factors that are considered:

  • what you need help with and how competitive that market is
  • what state of play your website is currently in with it’s marketing
  • what state your website is in from a development point of view
  • how easy/difficult it would be to achieve your goals
  • how many hours it may take to achieve these goals

It’s literally a case by case basis.   Personally I try to help as much as I can within the budget that people have within reason.

Why not check out my services to read more about each of them in more detail:


When To Use A Digital Marketing Consultant
Generally speaking this can be at any time however if you are planning a new website build then the best time to get in touch is during the web build.

If you are looking for a digital marketing consultant after a web built then there is scope to help after the fact but there may be some changes that have to be made.

Looking For SEO In Your Local Area?


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