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Get more dental customers to your practice

Dental SEO

Getting you more customers through your door.

The goal is to get more bookings for your dental practice.  Most people searching for a dentist will search with location based terms e.g. dentist Manchester.  No matter where you are based, we can help you show in the search engines for those types of keywords, alongside a whole load of other keywords relevant to your business. 

We not only look at getting you rankings, we also look at what happens when the traffic hits your page.  There is no point in having traffic come in, but the user experience needs to be better for those potential customers to actually make a move to contact you.

Don’t forget to grab your free SEO tech audit completed by us.

Why Choose Enduro Over Others For Your Dental SEO

We are reliable. We are honest and don’t baffle you with SEO speak, we will talk your language.

We have over 25 years of experience in this game and have some website showing for some VERY competitive keywords.

We are in contact regularly and guess what – when you email we actually REPLY!

We have glowing 5 star Google reviews and have loyal clients who stay for years because we prove ourselves.

Every business is different so we don’t churn and burn, we will give you a bespoke strategy.

We work seriously hard to help your business, or why would you pay us?

Why We Are Different To A Lot Of Companies Out There Offering Dental SEO

All companies say the same things – this is why we are different.

We have a lot of people coming to us telling us that they have been burnt by other agencies.  It’s the wild west out there choosing a company, we pick up these people, brush them down and sort out their business.

We CARE about your business. You are not a cash cow, if you are successful, we are successful.

We make notes of what you are telling us and actually do what we say we are going to do.  No empty promises, none of that. 

We build your business safely. No dodgy activities to fool Google, we do just good honest work.

We Grow Businesses – Check Out These Figures

A Quick Lesson – How SEO Works

On Page Optimisation – The bits on your website

This literally means what is going on with the content of your pages on your website. Simply throwing some keywords on the page isn’t going to cut it.  There are many ranking factors as part of Googles algorithm and it’s pretty sophisticated. It looks at things like structured data on the page, the technical health of the website, how quick your pages load….amongst many, many other factors.

We are technically strong here at Enduro, we don’t just throw keywords on pages.

Off Page Optimisation – Other websites pointing to yours

Having a link from another website pointing to yours is essentially a vote of confience in a search engines eyes. If someone is willing to link to your website it must be a decent resource, and therefore deserves to rank. These links MUST be from high quality sources though, no spammy link building.


We are nice people that work with nice people. A positive working enviornment yields the best results

If you are look for quick results with SEO, it’s not going to work. We only work with people who ‘get’ it.

We hop out of bed in the morning to get on with things because we actually care about who we work for

We don’t don’t force you into a contract, you can leave at any time. We keep people using our great service!

What others say about us in google reviews

From day one of having Emma on board we started to see results immediately. I honestly couldn't imagine not having her look after our site now - she has literally transformed our online business. Not only are we getting constant new business from our website, but she has improved the usability of our site and also the look of it.

After having worked with 2 companies in the past who really let me down it has been an absolute breeze working with Emma. She responds to any of my queries instantly and is always there to return my call should I need anything.

Thank you Emma for everything you have done for my business so far - you have a customer for life!

Anna Watson


We've been working with Enduro since September 2016 and they have actually achieved what all the digital marketing companies claim to be able to do which is to get us on first page of Google. Our rankings for the most important keywords have gone from around 36th to anywhere from 1st to 4th depending on the specific keywords. Now they pushing us to get number 1 spot for the keywords with the largest number of searches per month. It has required a lot of effort for both Enduro and ourselves to put in place some long term strategies as well as quick wins but is definitely paying off.

Ian Sutherland


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