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Emma Welsby

Founder (Technical SEO & Paid Ads)


I began Enduro in 2015 and never looked back! I’m primarily a tech SEO and have been in the industry for 10 years.  I’m also into Google & Facebook/Insta Ads in a big way. When I’m not doing this I’m project manager, website builder, book keeper, leader of the pack, pot washer….anything and everything that keeps us power housing for our clients!

I also like taking the time to listen to the pleasure, pain and frustrations people have running their businesses on a day to day level. I love to be a sounding board for ideas digital marketing or not digital marketing related or just be an ear to bend when it’s getting a bit tough! If I’m helping you out, I’m 100% in.


Technical SEO


Ayo has been in the SEO industry for 10 years now and has worked for well known household brands across the finance, medical and retail sectors helping them to grow their search engine presence.  As well as being technically strong, he is highly organised and has a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Like Emma, Ayo is a true professional in what he does and is 100%  in when he’s on a project. His dedication and endurance that is required to get the results is second to none. He is also very organised!


King SEO Copywriter & SEO Manager


Stuart (who is actually a human, not a cartoon!) began with Enduro as an SEO copywriter and has learnt the ropes of technical SEO over the last three years. He writes optimised SEO copy for websites and has a wealth of knowledge in many subjects which could win any pub quiz going.

As an SEO manager he has technical SEO skills to optimise websites and is also out there in the world of link building.


King Link Builder


Dave is our link builder who has worked for global household brands. With 8 years of experience spanning markets in South Africa (where he is from), and now the UK, he has a wealth of knowledge in SEO and link building. He is great at spotting opportunities, creating strategies, coming up with creative ideas and then executing by speaking to everyone under the sun to get them interested in working with our clients. He has the confidence to call up anybody and talk them into most things!

Dave never gives up (which in the world of link building is really important) and likes (well, loves) checking out new tools. He is a keen SEO tutor, plays drums and loves to go boxing (he pays for bruises!).

we work remotely all over the UK

What? You guys don’t sit in an office together in the same city? No we don’t…and this is why…..

Emma (founder) speaking here.  I decided that I wanted to run this company different to others so I didn’t go for the everyone in the office in one city model.  I didn’t want to restrict myself to finding people based in one city because I wanted to find talent and create the right culture. As a result we are spread across London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Lancaster.

We work in the digital age and we work in a modern way. In this day and age of zoom video chats and online text chat our communication is 100% flowing all day long.

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