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Get visibility in the free search engines for keywords relevant to your business in order to drive more traffic and therefore more sales or leads. We’re the real deal that actually drive results.

We are an SEO agency that provides an SEO service that actually works

If you are new to this, welcome.  If you have been burnt by this previously, welcome.

Have you ever typed a keyword into Google to try and find something? Most don’t scroll back to page 80 in Google, so it’s important to get decent visiblity for your website for keywords relevant to your business. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of making this happen.

We’re not going to lie, it’s a long haul approach that can take up to six months to start taking hold.  This is why it’s crucial to pick the right SEO agency to help you in the first place as SEO is an investment. It requires trust, endurance and momentum to get results. It’s not something you do then stop, you have to keep going because your competitors will be just as aggressive.  Don’t be left behind.

We can do SEO on every platform but why not check out our Shopify SEO and WordPress SEO pages.  We also offer a free SEO tech auditso be sure to go and have a look at that.  We serve the whole of the UK and also SEO in Manchester, SEO in Bristol and SEO in London.

The different aspects of SEO


Optimising for the right keywords on page, internal linking, page load speeds….and much more

Google’s algorithm uses many signals to decide who should rank higher for keywords.  It’s based on many factors such as keywords being on the page in the right format, in the right places, internal linking between pages, fast page load speeds, optimised meta data, structured data in the code to help Google understand the pages, dealing with 404 errors (page not found) amongst a HUGE host of other items.

There is a common misconception (of mainly DIYers…..sorry guys) that if you throw your keywords on the page and in a title tag that you will rank.  This is day one lesson one of SEO and it’s a lot more complicated than that.  If you’re here reading this you probably figured that out already….


Gaining links from other sites to yours is a vote of ‘confidence’ that you website is decent. If they come from high authority domains then even better.

In the olden days of SEO people used to get links from all sorts of shall we say, questionable sources to help websites link.  As part of our SEO service we help you gain links pointing to your website from good, wholesome websites where it has mutual interest and makes complete sense for them to link to you. It’s a long process which requires resiliance and a lot of effort, we can help your website to build relationships so that you can get those all important links to your website which in turn helps it to rank.

For those of you who have heard of black hat SEO, we definitely don’t do this.

If we are a real deal SEO agency, lets show you some results

A word of advice about picking an SEO company

It’s a murky world out there, it’s literally the wild west. As a business looking for an SEO service it can be really tricky to know what is classed as a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ SEO agency.  It’s a bit how we feel about choosing a builder when we don’t know the first thing about building.


There are a zillion agencies out there offering SEO for crazy figures like £100 a month.  It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to get results for this little, unless your campaign is seriously local and seriously niche  e.g. you want to rank for ‘shoe shiner in Isle Of Skye’.

The problem with SEO is there no degree in it.  Many agencies popped up when they realised that it’s easy to sell it to businesses that know they need it, but don’t quite know what it is – or who to trust.  You can see how that one goes….and if a call centre ever calls you to offer you ‘SEO’ always say no!


We have businesses come to us saying ‘we want to create this new range’.  Instead of saying ‘ok’ we go and do the keyword research and find out how many people search for it each month.  If nobody searches then who’s going to buy it? We will tell you if what you are planning is a good or bad idea based on data.  We even help some brands develop their new ranges in line with how many people search each month.

The same goes for sites wanting to get more leads, we help you pitch your content so that people will really want what it is that you offer.

Across the board we love to spot opportunities from what we see in the data and draw it to your attention e.g. ‘We can see people are loving your blog post about x, maybe we should start a service or make a product like x?

If your SEO agency is snoozing, then you’ll miss all this good stuff.


Just because a business advertises that they are an SEO agency doesn’t mean they are any good at it – it’s the same for any industry.  So check out what their accolades are.  Think about asking ‘What keywords have you got ranking in Google that are competitive?’, ‘What traffic increases have you brought your clients year on year?’, ‘Who have you worked for before that I may have heard of?’.

Our recommendation is to REALLY scope this out.


We only work with focused, nice people. Good work culture always creates better results EVERY time

We only work with people in the right mind set – SEO is about endurance for the long term

We care as much about what you do, as much as you do (it helps us get out of bed in the morning)

We don’t do contracts, if we are doing our job right you will want to stay with us out of choice

What others say about us in google reviews

From day one of having Emma on board we started to see results immediately. I honestly couldn't imagine not having her look after our site now - she has literally transformed our online business. Not only are we getting constant new business from our website, but she has improved the usability of our site and also the look of it.

After having worked with 2 companies in the past who really let me down it has been an absolute breeze working with Emma. She responds to any of my queries instantly and is always there to return my call should I need anything.

Thank you Emma for everything you have done for my business so far - you have a customer for life!

Anna Watson


We've been working with Enduro since September 2016 and they have actually achieved what all the digital marketing companies claim to be able to do which is to get us on first page of Google. Our rankings for the most important keywords have gone from around 36th to anywhere from 1st to 4th depending on the specific keywords. Now they pushing us to get number 1 spot for the keywords with the largest number of searches per month. It has required a lot of effort for both Enduro and ourselves to put in place some long term strategies as well as quick wins but is definitely paying off.

Ian Sutherland


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