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Raise business engagement with email.  I’m an email marketing consultant based in Bury, Lancashire.



Email marketing can increase engagement with your business and this is how I do it in a nutshell:

  • I look at any existing emails that are being sent out, look at what is working and what isn’t
  • Find out what your customer base already enjoys and respond to
  • Look at designing emails with imagery, content and buttons in the right place to drive engagement
  • Looking at your existing mailing list and how you collect emails to see if this can be improved
  • I A/B test emails and send out reports after every email



Thinking about email marketing?  This is why you should choose me:


I Don’t Fluff Around The Issues

I speak very honestly about what is happening with your campaign.

I Am A Veteran At This

I can show you what I have been up to if we meet.

My Company Was Built On Solid Foundations

I started out by having a great reputation for what I did and it grew!



I Don’t Beat About The Bush

I am just as keen as you to get you up and running asap.

No Disappearing Acts Here

I am always around 9-5 Mon to Fri!

A Consultant Delivering High Quality

I have worked for big brands in the past.



All of my email marketing is done in Bury, Lancashire – but you can be based anywhere!



For a mountainous region, I do tend to send out a lot of emails from Bury, Lancashire.  Email marketing can be done from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection so it doesn’t matter if you are based in a different part of the UK.

I am not a jargon master so I won’t blind you with techno speak, I will speak plain English if it is appropriate and if you want to learn a bit of jargon yourself along the way then I can most certainly oblige!  If you want to leave me to it to do what I do best, then I can do that too.


Contact Me For A No Obligation Chat About Your Marketing

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Some More Info On Email Marketing


Common mistakes made with one off emails
It’s great to be informing your customers of what is going on however emails arriving at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing or just really confusing can be irritating for them.  This can often lead to poor engagement rates from an email or people unsubscribing from your mailing list which has the opposite effect of the intended one!

I normally see the following mistakes when looking at an existing email marketing campaign:

  • They are very text heavy and the likelihood of anyone reading it all is slim and the impact is lost
  • There are many, many options of things to click on which all may be relevant, but sometimes focusing on one thing is the key to better engagement
  • Lack of thought to the user journey e.g. person clicks email, they read info, click on call to action button, land on x page on the website and take x action
  • No real call to action – sometimes the main objective isn’t clear enough and buttons or banners need to be revised

There are many, many more….

Common mistakes made with automated emails

I have worked for sites where we signed up for their email marketing by putting our details into a sign up box on the website and waited to see what happened.  These are common things I see:

  • emails that come through telling me that someone will be in touch when the original invitation mentioned nothing about someone getting in touch – I simply wanted to read some content they had written
  • some automated emails were being fired out unbeknown to the website owners
  • some emails being received after a sale made no real sense or where unclear
  • asking people to take action before it was appropriate to ask e.g. ‘Why not write a review on our website of the product you just bought!’ – they can’t do this now as the product has only been bought and not posted out and the chances are slim that they will remember to find that old email in their inbox to find the link to then go and write the review.  Why not make it easier for them and send it ten days after the item has arrived, they’ve had a chance to use it, form an opinion on the item and then write a review. Perfect!

There are many, many more….

Emails can teach you things about your customers

Many businesses assume that their readers would like a newsletter that contains x, x and x.  However how do we know that this is even what they want to receive?  I believe that in certain situations by using email to ask your customers what they would like to see we create emails that are more successful because we showed them what they wanted to see.

You would be surprised how many people are happy to oblige.

So How Much Does It Cost?

The burning question on everyone’s lips!  Here are some factors that are considered:

  • what the goal is
  • what state your emails are currently in and if they can be salvaged/changed or if there is a redesign on our hands
  • how frequently you want to send them

The best thing to do is get in touch and we can talk about what you are trying to do!


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